Baraat Weddings Horse -Drawn Carriages

Are you currently in search of a baraat horse to use in your wedding ceremony? 

Traditionally, the groom rides a white horse to the ceremony, although carriages are also preferred. In either case, Cindy Cinderella Carriages is proud to be able to feature wedding packages expressly for the traditional Indian wedding. We will provide a beautiful white horse, saddle and handler…or a carriage, horse and driver, whichever the groom prefers.

The use of a Ghodi, or white horse, as transport for the Groom to the wedding venue is a common part of Indian tradition. This very bright, elaborate ceremony uses a white horse adorned in many different colors and decorated with embroidered horse costumes. Our horses are calm and unaffected by the music, dancing, traditional attire and waving ribbons of this spectacular ceremony during the procession or recession. Our ghoris have a steady temperament and won’t scare easily when they encounter enthusiastic guests or loud music. Cindy Cinderella Carriages provides the absolute finest in horse drawn carriage and Indian wedding horses that will make wonderful memories lasting a lifetime.